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A collection of funny signs, bad English, and horrible translation everywhere. If you have a funny photo to share, please send it to Or upload to the photo album.
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The original




Funnier if you understand Taiwanese and Mandarin.




The original, by Mariah Carey




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Eddie Izzard is a two-time Emmy-winning British stand-up comic. He regularly cross-dresses both on and off stage and makes it clear that cross-dressing is, for him, neither a part of his performance nor a sexual thing — he simply enjoys wearing make-up and clothing that is traditionally perceived in the West as female-only. - source: wikipedia

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What is a crab's whore dust? Any guesses?

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 funny english

 funny english


 This Toilet was Made for Walking

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In 3 languages too.

Used Toilet Paper for Sale


hot spring


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