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One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen. Philip Wylie
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De FKim166, le 04/10/2015 10:07:05
Need help here! :)

My name is Taehoon Felix Kim and I want to be a teacher in America.
(I prefer to be called Felix)

I've been studying English since when I was in Highschool, and I graduated Community College with major in Teacher Education:Transfer a couple of years ago. 
I am serving in army for now, (If you know about Korean culture, all males have to serve the army for 2 years.) 
 and I made a study group for soldiers who wants to learn and study English with me in my base. 
I will transfer to 4 year college in NY as soon as I am done with the army service, but I think this is going to be a good chance to stack more experience for my future job. 
The problem is, however, since I am lack of experience, I don't have clear plan or tutorial to teach my "students". 
This is why I was surfing internet and found this website so that I may can find a solution or get some help. 

I would love to take you guys' advises, and I am waiting for help. 
Feel free to talk to me please,

Thank you for reading :)

De Mmeri13, le 08/10/2015 12:32:56
RE: Need help here! :)

Hello Felix,

It's always interesting to be keen to learn more for better improvement in your field of studies. This is worth it as Education is a basis in every society for its good development .. Our encouragement then!
In fact, I am not a teacher but I wanna share a link about a teacher, a great outstanding noble person who was ranked First among 100 Most Influential Persons In History (Ref.Book:  ''The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History''- by Michael H. Hart).
Interested to know him Felix?! Have a look please on the article in the link below : 
Have a good beneficial reading and Good luck in your career Felix.
Thank you.
De FKim166, le 08/10/2015 18:59:31
RE: RE: Need help here! :)
I think I have read his book before. Thanks for encouragement and precious information for me. :)
De Mmeri13, le 09/10/2015 07:47:38
Re: RE: RE: Need help here! :)

Hello Felix, 

You are welcome.  Thank you too. 
Hope the article , besides the book, was also beneficial. 
Teaching would be a precious opportunity as well to learn oneself how to raise too one's children in future within a correct way of education.
The teacher whom I spoke about had had an appreciable particular universal approach in teaching others from different ages, social classes, backgrounds etc. - From his example, you may recognize that the educator must be merciful, forbearing, approachable, speaking and dealing in a manner that is better, far removed from insulting, rebuking and beating. 
Felix, something very important to take from the example of this great teacher is that when dealing with children , he was keen to respect their personalities and selves, and keen also to transfer to them the best of understanding in its easiest form and means. I hope you could do it with your students as well. It would be amazing really, I believe , i.e. keeping mutual respect and following a good teaching approach which may provide children/students a good understanding of what they are learning from their teacher. 
And among many of the interesting narrations reported about 'this great teacher' and his way of treating/educating/dealing with children , let me , if you do not mind please , share this story: 
'' A child called Abdullah Ibn ‘Amer narrated an incident happened with ''this teacher'' - he said: “My mother called me once when the Messenger of Allah ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was in our house, she said: “Hey, come here I will give you something”, then the Messenger (pbuh) commented saying: “what did you want to give him”, She replied “I will give him dates”, then he (pbuh) said: “If you did not give him anything (upon calling him) it would be recorded on you as a lie.” [ Hadith reported by Abu Dawûd 4991 and declared good by Al-Albani]... Here, ''this teacher'' warned the mother against lying to the boy or belittle his feelings, even if she calls him to give him something, but she won’t.
Amazing no?!
So, for who wants, among the teachers here, to know more, he/she could simply read about the biography of such a prominent gorgeous teacher who was known as '' A Mercy to Universe'' ( See please the link below ) : 
Thank you all for your time and again have a good continuation Felix.  
Best Regards. 
De DAlmashriqi, le 24/10/2015 16:57:53
RE: Need help here! :)
hi felix, im an English teacher. i understood from you that you dont know what or how to teach English to your students. i suggest you start with them from the very beggining , start with letters then words then sentences. when your students are able to create sentences, start teaching them how to make and react conversations and try to provide your students with a sufficient amount of vocabulary to enable them react proberly in conversations. after that you can start giving them a brief idea about grammar, idioms , and so on. you can also get help from the books that you have studied at highschool. i suggest u depend on conversations and group work in your teaching because it makes a practical and enjoyable learning for students. All the best,, Regards..
De rramadianti, le 18/10/2016 03:16:49
RE: Need help here! :)

Hi Felix! Nice to meet you. I'm actually an English teacher. For the first time, I couldn't make something new for my students. I only took the materi from school books. If my students felt bored, they requested me something new. Besides,EF helps me to improve how to make a great topic. You can include podcast, reading, and also new vocabs. This is not only about teaching or being teacher, but you can learn from your student. What they are lack of A materi, teach them an A materi. If your students think new idea, you can take it. But the most important is give them what they need. Slow but sure. Good luck! :) Regards.

De LMaterazzi1, le 05/11/2016 16:25:29
RE: RE: Need help here! :)
Hi Felix! I'm an English teacher in a High school in Italy,I'd like to point out that the first thing is to consider your student as a person,he's not a vessel to fill in with notions!Another important element is dramatization:if you h***e to explain how to order something,try to create a situation in which a student is the waiter and another is the customer,students need to be aware that they are learning something useful.Remember that learning in fun is very motivating and rewarding! all the best!Regards, Lina